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Defiance Physical Therapy & Wellness

Carbondale, CO

Defy Your Limitations
Defy Their Expectations


Our mission is to transform the meaning of healthcare in the Roaring Fork Value.  
We are striving to reduce the reliance on pills and surgeries with questionable efficacy and to make exercise and lifestyle changes the foundations of health.  


The evaluation starts with you.  We pride ourselves in actively listening to our patients.  We have all been patients so we are well aware of how disrespected we feel when the provider doesn't listen, speaks over us, and just assumes they know all of the solutions without even hearing the problems first.  
Our treatments start where you are and we build a plan together to get you where you want to be with as little or as much of our involvement as you want and need.


Frankly, the healthcare system is broken, not for the reasons that the TV personalities tell us, but for so many more.  How do we know it's broken?  Access continues to increase, uninsured rates are at an all time low, yet objective measures of health including obesity rates, chronic conditions, etc continue to increase nearly every year.  The system is not healthy, and it certainly doesn't improve health. 

a man and woman exercising with a mountian view

What Clients Say

"Travis is a truly professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate Physical Therapist. He has a very enthusiastic and engaging personality and listens attentively and involves his clients in developing individualized therapy plan and goals. I had the privilege of seeing his great work with my 92 year old mother. He helped her immensely and promoted safety and preventative measures that have helped her remain living independently. She thoroughly enjoyed working with Travis- and still talks of him often. I would highly recommend Travis for any PT needs!!"
Deb Lawrence
A man running up the mountain, Defiance PT & Wellness

Don't have insurance or have a plan with high deductible? We can help!

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