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From Desperation to Relief

*Shared with patient’s permission*

Imagine suffering from severe pain in your right upper back for six days, with no improvement despite trying muscle relaxers, rest, ice and heat. This is precisely what one of my recent clients was experiencing when she came to see me. Unable to raise her arm and struggling to focus at work, her mood was rapidly declining.

I quickly found the root cause of her pain and provided targeted treatments that eased her discomfort. Additionally, I gave her specific exercises to continue her recovery and prevent the pain from coming back through the day while she worked at her desk.  She had immediate relief with the treatments, demonstrated improved range of motion and reported significant decreases in pain. 

Now, let's consider what would have happened if she had followed through with the traditional healthcare system. First, she would have scheduled an appointment with her primary care physician, which, on average, takes two to three weeks to be seen. Then, there's a chance she would have been referred to physical therapy, but the waiting time for that is typically 5-6 weeks in the valley. In the best-case scenario, it would have taken her two months to get a physical therapy evaluation. Realistically, she likely would have been sent for unnecessary imaging, as that's usually the first step in the system, given more pain killers, and told to rest more.  Essentially she would have been told to do the things she already was doing which weren’t working. 

The harsh truth is that long wait times perpetuate chronic pain, leading to prolonged recovery periods. But here's the solution: by choosing us, you can bypass the grueling wait. Don't let pain dictate your life - take control and seek relief with our efficient and effective approach.

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